Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tips for getting ready for Spring!

Are you sick of the cold and what it's doing to your skin? Cracked feet is one of the many annoyances of Winter time. A solution? Apply a generous layer of body lotion to your feet before bed and put on a pair of socks. This will allow your feet to re-hydrate overnight!

This Spring the hot new lip shades include: Bright red, Intense fuschia and hot coral.. Not used to such bright colors? Try wearing them when you're alone doing chores around the house.. yes it could be potentially embarrassing when your mailman comes to your door and you're wearing hot pink lipstick in sweat pants vaccuming, but it's well worth it! Getting used to seeing it on yourself first will give you the confidence to be in public wearing the hot new colors this season.


COCAMIA said...

Just discovered your blog from another blogger! Great blog! I am a follower...xx

mai beauty said...

Thanks Cocamia! Glad you like xox